Remus Lupin (coeurdeunlion) wrote in avecdeux,
Remus Lupin

28 May 1975

Lily was going nuts. It was less than three weeks to the OWLs and even though she'd been studying since Christmas, she didn't feel like she knew anything. Her Charms were flawless, Potions came easy, but Arithmancy was a jumble and her Transfiguration theory was always a challenge. Except now she had literally studied her brains out and was staring at her parchment. Any second, she expected a strand of drool to drip from her mouth onto her notes. Well, not really, but it could happen.

The full moon three days past, Remus was beginning to feel better (it would be really great to not have to have a life that revolved around the phases of the moon, but if wishes were horses...). He was glad it wasn't a bad transformation, because those left him more tired than usual, and with exams coming up he could use all the time he could get. He saw Lily at the table, staring at her parchment blankly, and went to her. "Tired?" he asked.

"I think my brain is broke," she said.

"Oh. Er." Pause. "I'm sorry?"

"Not your fault," she said, looking up at him and blinking. "Come on, sit," she added, pulling on his sleeve and motioned to the chair on her other side.

He went unresisting, and sat down. "Thank you for switching me rounds, by the way," he said.

"No trouble, I understand," she smiled.

"Well, no, but you didn't have to-"

"Stop it, Remus. It wasn't any trouble," she said firmly. "Now, Transfiguration, on the other hand..."

"What about Transfiguration?" he asked, edging his chair closer to hers. He was able to smell whatever shampoo she'd used - something floral.

"It's... everything. I think my brain is just dead," she sat back in her chair, and rubbed her eyes.

"You should take a night off," he said, concerned. "One night won't matter in the long run. If anything, it'll help."

"By allowing my brain to function once more?" she asked, the corner of her mouth twitching upwards.

He smiled back at her - how could he help it? "Precisely," he replied.

"So now that I'm not studying Transfiguration, what should I do?" she asked, turning to face him.

"Well," he said, trying not to be flustered by her proximity. "There's... well, no, you probably don't want to read since that's all you've been doing. A walk would be nice, but it's past cur - mm." He was cut off as she pressed her mouth against his. In the common room. Kissing Lily. It was a blatant public display of affection but there was something wildly wonderful about it.

She broke it after a moment. "Like that?" she teased.

"... I think my brain has stopped now," he managed honestly, but kissed her again, allowing one hand to thread it's fingers in her hair.

A blissful moment though it was, it could not last forever. It was interrupted mere seconds later by the one and only Sirius Black.

"Woo, Moony!"

Remus jumped about a foot in the air and jumped apart from Lily, realized who was giving the catcall, and began to go scarlet. Lily, however, was going scarlet for a completely different reason. "And what are you doing?"

"Just came in from a bit of flying, relax, Evans," he replied carelessly.

"I was trying," she grumbled.

"Thank you, Sirius," Remus sighed.

"Anytime, Moony. Remember, sex can kill. Just say no!" he said, skipping away from them and up the stairs to the boy's dormitories.

"Those are drugs!" Remus yelled, and then laid his head down on the table. "I am so sorry. There is really no excuse for him."

Lily thought centuries of inbreeding might have something to do with it, but said nothing. That was a little harsh, even from her to Sirius Black. "No, not really," she agreed. "Maybe bed wouldn't be such a bad idea," she added after a moment.

"Not yet," he said, putting a hand on her arm. "I mean... just please stick around for awhile," he added.

"All right," she agreed with a smile, putting her Transfiguration notes in her bag. "Let's move to the couch, it's more comfortable."

"Okay," he said, sincerely hoping he wasn't going to catch his three friends spying from the top of the stairs or something.

By valleyflowers, coeurdeunlion, and a brief, interruptive appearance by etoile_noir_.
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