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15 July 1975

Andie Andromeda,

I'm not This letter is sort of hard for me to write since I don't realy know what to say, but since I've taken my time writing it, I thought I should send it.

The reason this letter is hard is because I haven't spoken to you in a long time and you really don't have a reason to reply to me. Also there isn't a really easy way to say what's happened recently because it sounds too casual or not big enough. I'm not longer in the family, either. It's finally happened. Even if I would go back I doubt I'd be welcome, by now I'm probably a hole in the tapestry, same as you.

My friends are being great and everything, lovely mates, but I think I need to talk to you. I know that this looks really shoddy of me to ask you, I feel really shoddy if that helps, although I don't know why it should. If you'll see me, name your time and place. I have a feeling you'll understand, is all.

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As long as it's taken you to write this letter to me, I'm afraid it's taken just as long for me to reply, and I apologise for that.

I do remeber how it feels, and I remember feeling awful. Having a place to go and people to welcome you doesn't make it a lot easier, I don't think. Don't apologise for not seeking me out or not talking to me, you weren't very old when I did what I did to get me kicked out of the family. So I don't blame you. I have no doubt that your parents would not have permitted it even if you had thought to. So don't think on it again, it's all behind.

I would love to see you. There's a tea shop in Diagon Alley near the Apothecary, and this coming Saturday at 3.00 would be good for me if it's good for you.